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Four Chickens

Chicken Coops

Our 4x12 "Standard Tan" trimmed in white Chicken Coops are pre-built, ready to be delivered. Customize the paint color (trim color for additional $120) or upgrade to a 4x16, these coops are made to order. Our quality built chicken coops comfortably house 4-6 chickens and come with a blue tooth, controlled by phone, automatic chicken door

Questions? Give us a call: 317-434-3588

4x12 Chicken Coop

4x12 "Standard Tan" Chicken Coop


All of our coops are equipped with a convenient nesting box, accessible from the outside of the coop for easy egg collection.

Red 4x12 Chicken Coop

4x12 Customized Paint Chicken Coop


Customize either size chicken coop with any color. Check out our 3D Shed Simulator and try out paint colors! 

4X16 Chicken Coop

4x16 Chicken Coop- 
Standard Tan: $2800
Customize Paint $3000


Upgrade to a 4x16, available in standard tan or customize paint color. 

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